TJ's brother

How long I have played for Tawa:  Since 2011

Playing position(s):  Lock

Secondary school attended:  Wellington High School College

Most memorable rugby moment:  Getting more than 5 minutes on the field

The person I admire the most:  Peniasi Tokakece

My pre-game rituals:  Early morning singing

My favourite food:  Hot food

Best advice someone gave me:  Don’t run at home


Nickname:  Degz

Position played:   Winger/Utility back

School:  Hamilton Boys High & Hamilton Fraser High

Grade:  Premier/PremierReserve

Year/s at Tawa:  3 years

Rep Honours:  Waikato Goldfield U14, Waikato Harlequins, Waikato U19, Volleyball - NZU19 Volleyball, NZU21 Volleyball

Backgound:  I'm dance teacher. And if I'm not playing rugby I'm being an artist. Which also allows me to travel and keep fit.

Favourite food:  Besides fruit, anything my fiance cooks  [😂]

Favourite cartoon:  My favorite cartoon character would be Superman or Wolverine

Favourite Quote: "the measurement of a man is never by his strength or knowledge, but by the spirit and willingness to achieve what noone else can achieve"​


Nickname:  Priest

Position played:   Flanker

School:  Mana College

Grade:  Premier/PremierReserve

Year/s at Tawa:  4 years

Rep Honours:  High performance unit (in Samoa)

Favourite food:  Chicken and rice

Favourite cartoon:  Patrick the star

Favourite Quote:  Hard work will always beat talent


Nickname:  Rydawg

Position played:   Midfield/outside backs

School:  Tawa College

Grade:  Premier

Year/s at Tawa:  5 years

Rep Honours:  U21 centurions

Background:  Been at Tawa Club or Tawa College player from 4 years old

Favourite food:  Salt and vinegar chips 

Favourite cartoon:  Ragnar Lothbrook (not cartoon)

Favourite Quote:  This is where we stand and this is where they die


Nickname:  Peni/Sunshine(My Mum)
Position played:  Number Eight
Grade:  Prema
Year/s played at Tawa:  Three years
Rep Honours:  Fiji(One game 2007), Hawkes Bay

Background:  Born and raised in Tawa, went away for awhile.  A good mate of mine twisted my arm and it turned out to be a good call.  Was pretty memorable to win the Jubilee in my first year at Tawa.Have been lucky enough to play under some awesome coaches, met some real good boys and some muppets too.😂😂 

Not really sure what the 2019 season will bring, I’ll just be looking to help out where I can within the club, and hopefully play some games wherever needed.

Favourite Food:  Lamb Spare Ribs
Cartoon Character:  Wolverine- X Men
Favourite Quote:  Not one I followed obviously, but always liked it “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali



Position played:   
Prefer 12 but happy to play anywhere in back line where needed


Premier Reserves

Year/s at Tawa: 
2 years

Mostly played rugby league.  Not unique but can get a long with anyone. And always have general interest in talking with and helping people.  My Aim is to play rugby long enough for my 2 year old boy to have an understanding of the game and want to play. If he does then I’ve done my job and can put my all blacks inspiration into him haha.

Favourite food: 
The big Al Ferg burger (Queenstown)

Favourite cartoon: 

Favourite Quote: 
A wise man once said (ShaunTreeby)“Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent”.


Kem, Kemz, Chemistry, DJ KemmyKem

Position played:   

Te Kura Māori o Porirua & Wellington College


Year/s at Tawa: 
3 years

Rep Honours: 
NZ Schools, NZ 20s, Wellington Lions, Hurricanes 

Started off playing as a prop in U12s then slowly made my way into the backs whilst still being the size of a prop. Now I’m one of the smaller ones on the field. 

Favourite food: 
Anything with Chocolate  

Favourite cartoon: 
Marvin the Martian

Favourite Quote: 
There is no right way or wrong way, there is only a way.

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Tawa Rugby Football Club welcome players of all levels looking to play their rugby in Wellington for the 2019 season. The off-season gym sessions are currently underway. 

Over the next few months we will be show casing the new a current players of Tawa Rugby Football club. 

If you are interested in joining our club please contact: 

Steve Sooialo 

Club Coaching Development Officer

m:  027 267 0606

e:   stevesooialo@hotmail.com 

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Nickname:  K2, K, Mete.

Position played:   9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

School:  Tawa College

Grade:  Premier

Year/s at Tawa:  Since U8s

Rep Honours:  Wellington Samoan, Wellington U21s, Horowhenua-Kapati 

Background:  Been at Tawa Club or Tawa College player from 4 years old

Favourite food:  Market kebabs

Favourite cartoon:  Batman

Favourite Quote:  "Pull your socks up" by Dion Waller