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In Season Trainings:

Mondays and Thursday 6.30pm

The team's experienced players: Scarlett Millan Under 20’s development team Bailey Coburn Wellington School girls Helen Vaimoli U18’s Wellington squad.

The team's personalities: Nancy Kena Loud mouth (Bodyguard) Agape Petaia The cheeky one Leighana Leota The mischievous one Pa’i Smith She is the eldest out of our team, we all call her Mama P - She has the biggest heart and definantly proves age is nothing but a number!  

The team's personalities: With over 50 registered players we always manage to field a team even if its “experimental” positions.

Something special about our team: We have around 8 or more mothers in our team who still find time to come to training’s and games, sometimes even bringing the babies along (that’s when our injured players step up and take on babysitting duties). Its hard work being a fulltime mum, working, having a social life AND playing rugby but they manage to pull it off and make it. Shout out to the mummies in our team we look up to you ladies!                     

Last word: We may be at the bottom of the table, but in spirits we are at the top. Regardless of our ranking all the girls still show up to every training and every game, we walk off the field with our heads held high knowing this is just the beginning and no one starts at the top. We all have each other’s backs and protect one another. Our Coaches, Managers and supporters never give up on us. We all come from different backgrounds and have so many different personalities yet we all get along and unite really well. We are not just a rugby team we are a sisterhood – Ohana means family, no one gets left behind. #Setred #WhoareweLADIES #Startedfromthebottomnowwehere  

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Team’s origins: Nancy Kena and Jordan Te’o wanted to play rugby and wanted to represent Tawa, there was no woman’s team for Tawa and they both went to school there and socialise with the club so it was a perfect fit. Originally started out with around 6 girls then ended up registering over 50 girls. This team was created in about 4weeks. We had Leroy Chong-Nee as our assistant coach and we were on the hunt for a head coach for a while then Jason Holtham kindly stepped up.
Competition currently playing: Fleurs Trophy.Biggest rivals: Poneke are probably our closest rivals because no one wants to be at the bottom. 
Magic moments: One of our most memorable matches was against OBU. Our first few games we hadn’t scored any tries then our manager (Papa Shane) offered $20 to the person who scores the first try then of course our first try for the year was scored in this game by Luisa Tapusoa (Hoops). Money = Motivation - thanks Papa Shane! Team rituals: At our trainings whenever a newbie comes along wheather it’s for a run or to join they have to stand in the middle of our circle and sing a song. Not sure if this is a tradition but we pretty much drink after every game ha.


After a number of years in recess they Club has now reintroduced a women’s team. For many of the players this is a new experience and although they have struggled to find their feet they have never given up.

They are a great group and have added to the fine reputation the Tawa Club enjoys.

Team name: Tawa Womans – Lioness/Ohana. Team Mascot’s: Our children who are forever screaming for their mamas on the field and running along the sidelines. Home ground: Lyndhurst Park and Redwood Park. What’s the meaning of the team’s nickname: Lioness – Because we are all fierce and a pack of strong ladies. Ohana – Means family, no one gets left behind.